At KINDEE VALLEY FARM we raise beef cattle at the same time as sequestering carbon in our soils. Our cattle are moved onto fresh pasture regularly, guided by our grazing plan, developed using the principles of Holistic Management

We produce weaners, sired by Bonsmara bulls bred at Jabulani in Yarras, the home of Gromorbeef




Kindee Valley Farm - a tranquil corner in the Upper Hastings.

A truly beautiful spot, this 622 acre property is set amongst hills and creeks running with clear water. Sitting on the deck, watching puffs of mist rising outof the forest after a rain storm is a magical experience, good for the soul. 

Near enough to access markets in Port Macquarie, we have value-added to our cattle enterprise, selling grass fed beef directly to households as well as pasture raised eggs and pasture raised pork.

With some regret, we have decided to travel a new road - time for another adventure! And so, this piece of paradise is on the market. Find out more here.

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